What have we been up to?

A long time has passed since an update to our website, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Here’s a photo rundown of some of the things we did this last year.

The April 2019 meeting was all about shooting boards, with Bernie Kopfer and Willie Joslin showing their chops. Stephen Stoll won the raffle and walked out of the meeting with a custom-made shooting board.

Bernie Kopfer and a bevy of shooting boards
Stephen Stoll with his raffle winnings

In January 2019, members displayed their work at the Pybus Show,

John Smits showing his inlay skills at Pybus

and Chris Church gave members a demonstration on sharpening.

In October and November 2018, Guild members designed and made dining tables for Serve Wenatchee Valley, who provides them to families in need, but Serve Wenatchee made specific requests: the tables couldn’t be too large and had to have removable legs, presumably so the tables could fit inside a car. Several Guild members took up the challenge. These are some of the (unfinished) tables they come up with:

Uncompleted Baltic birch table
Table with screw-on legs
Uncompleted pedestal table
Lightweight and easy to move

Guild member Steve Noyes donated ash slabs for us to use in making tables, and we had a cutting party at Stan Simmon’s place, selecting out what we thought was usable material. Steve successfully treated the ash for powderpost beetles, then Bob McKellar took the wood to Entiat for jointing and planing. It now resides in Autumn D.’s woodshed in Wenatchee, waiting for anyone who wants to wants to use it.

Ash slabs
John Smits, Tim Walsh, and Chuck Warner selecting and cutting out usable stock
Tom Ross and Stan Simmons

In September 2018, Guild member Craig Dixon welcomed us to his shop and demonstrated how he makes the joints for his paneled doors. Of course, we all enjoyed drooling over his equipment and seeing his work.

Cutting the rail joinery
Panel assembly
Beautiful work, Craig.

Our annual August 2018 barbecue was well attended and fun, and members were encouraged to bring samples of their recent projects.

Kyle Rumble with his vintage radio restoration
Stephen Stoll’s racecar bassinette
Jeff Dilks and Taunton Press’ Treasure Chests book in which his work was highlighted.

In May 2018, Steve Voorhies was highlighted with an article in Foothills Magazine. Check it out!

Steve Voorhies
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